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How about "Waking the Spirit" to share the healing power of music?

Updated: Apr 7

This book was recommended to me by my friend, Tim Healy, because we both believe in the healing power of music. The author, Andrew Schulman, a professional guitarist, tells about how music helped him and other post operative patients of a New York hospital. The guitar, which he says sounds almost like every stringed instrument of the world (he mentions the koto), is appealing to everyone. I highly recommend this book for he not only talks about music, but of the medical and psychological research supporting the healing power of music. Plus, the purpose of Japanese music is to be in harmony with nature and to be soothing. Often, after I play the koto for a lecture or recital, a person would come up to tell me how they were calmed by the sound of the koto.

cover of the book Waking the Spirit by Andrew Schulman

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